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Veterinary clinic for animals. Specializes in the diagnostic and surgical services, as well as routine vaccinations, check-ups, and sterilizations.


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Redford, MI

A Quality Care Vet


My cat has long cotton like hair that gets matted easily between seasons so we usually get her shaved. We brought her in for a sedation and a lion cut, we had tried a regular groomer before but it was to stressful on my cat to get it done again without the sedation. They didn't tell us there would be any problem with her when we had talk to them before hand (we had her records faxed) However when we got there they told us that since she wasn't up to date on her rabies shot they wouldn't treat her. Not only is it stated in her file that she can't have vaccines because she had such a bad reaction to the last one it nearly killed her, but it is NOT a state law in Michigan that a indoor cat has to have a rabies shot. She then proceeded to tell me that if my cat were to bite her (don't know how a sedated cat would bite you but okay) They would have the cat euthanized cut her head off and send it to lansing. I don't know what kind of a person would say that to someone but I won't be back. It was the worst experience I've ever had at a vet or with a person in general! In my opinion they shouldn't be allowed around animals!