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I started going to this shop in 2009 just for oil changes and DEQ checks and I had a leaky tire. The first time I had a real problem they totally screwed up. My 2005 Subaru started making a clicking and grinding sound and the ABS brake light was on. They determined the axle shaft was broken and replaced it. They also said they did a full brake inspection, removed all four wheels and inspected entire system.
When I picked it up the car it was still making clicking noises and the ABS light came on and off. I took it back two days later and they showed me the axle shaft they just put on broke again.
They said they were going to put a "heavy duty" one on this time. They did not put on the recommended axle in the first place. Then they tried to reset the ABS light and told me it was probably just a bad sensor. They said they could not determine the meaning of the code read out they were getting but not to worry, the brakes were working fine and that I was not in any danger. Because they said that, I did not go to another shop right away. Finally I got more concerned and went to John Kennedy Dealership which was far away but as it turns out WELL worth the Trip to go to a knowledgeable shop. They determined the problem was the right front wheel bearing had excessive wear and replaced the assembly. They said this was very dangerous. In fact, the bearing can disintegrate and the wheel could come right off the shaft.

Other things Pinnacle did; I went there several times because the check air pressure light was on. First time they changed the tire. Second time they changed the stem saying it had a leak! Huh. Subaru determined the problem was the TPMS sensor batteries were non serviceable. So Pinnacle lied about this problem and/or did not know how to properly diagnose the problem and charged me unnecessarily.

ALSO, June 2014 one headlight was out. I told them to change both because they both were the same age and I figured it was smart to get two new ones. They SAID they changed both but in December 2014 the other headlight went out. Really?? after years of the headlights being fine now one goes out in 6 months. They said it was probably just a bad bulb.

I even went to the owner of Pinnacle after I found out about the worn wheel bearing assembly to educate him that his mechanics were incorrectly diagnosing problems. I was trying to be helpful but he didn't even come to the front to see what I wanted. He sat in the back with a guy and just looked at me. Finally his receptionist went back there to say I wanted to speak with him for a minute. He told him to tell me he was too busy, he would be over an hour and he was working with his 'web-developer." I hope he has a great web-developer to get people to call his shop because I NEVER will go back and I intend to go to every automotive review website and let them know how terrible and uncaring this shop is.