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Pre-Merger AMG Front Air Damm/Chin Mercedes W123

Beyond all expectations! Signed up through the internet and had my appointment this Saturday at 10AM. Got a call around 9AM from Dan confirming my appointment that Saturday (7-16-16). I anticipated the call was to tell me my appointment had to be canceled. However, very professional to get a call in advance. Dan showed up precisely on time. So far, two gold starts since it is rare that folks actually show up on time. The AMG stuff is very rare and very pricey. The chin goes underneath the front bumper and it's about 8 inches wide and the length of the bumper. I took it down to the material which is ABS plastic. Dan applied a number of coats of filler and other material, primed it, and painted it a color which appears about 100%. I won't know until I get it in natural light. Excluding some minor scalloping which is the result of the material itself, the work Dan did is about perfect. Perfect for me is pretty picky since this is my hobby and project. Excluding me talking Dan's ear off and showing him a bunch of other projects, which he was very professional and patient listening to, he would have done the job in the two hours vs. three as estimated. Even if I could buy all the components, around $80 to $100 bucks for everything, no earthly clue how he did it for $198. On top of that, Dan saved me a lot of time coming to my home. My overall expectations were middle of the range when it came to the mobile folks as they receive overall pretty middle of the road reviews. However, Dan did a GREAT job. I will hire him again to do other work. I would recommend him a 100%. As for the serious DIYers, which I am, I will say it will be hard to beat his pricing if you calculate your time to buy the material and doing the work.