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Booher Remodeling Company specializes in bathroom and kitchen design services in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. Call (317) 852-5546 today!
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Booher Remodeling Company
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Nancy L.

Pittsboro, IN

Booher Remodeling Company

I feel really blessed to have worked with them

I bought a 1926 Craftsman style home that some old wiring. In order to replace that, Booher Remodeling Company came in and tore it all down--right to the studs. Doing that, they also found some issues with the framing so they repaired that, did some spray foam installation, put the drywall back up, did all the doors both exterior and interior, and redid some of the floor plan. They all installed an exterior basement storm cellar type door where they had to actually create a place for it and then install it so that involved them doing the framework for it as well. I contracted my own electrician and plumber who were recommended to me by Booher, companies they've worked with before. So Booher basically did the project management as well, including the timeline of all of it.

It was a pretty extensive remodeling project in the middle of the winter. They were really in tune with what I was trying to do with the house. I wanted to take it back to its original state but I'm not a purist so to speak. From the initial meetings with the design team, I could tell they really listened to what I was saying, what I was looking for, and how I wanted to also repair what other people had done in the past. I wasn't interested in doing "pretty" work and they really seemed to listen to what I was saying about what my goals were and understood it. They translated all of that into the design and it was excellent. It was exactly what I was looking for.

I feel really blessed to have worked with them. They were accommodating on pricing, knew I had a budget, and found different ways to make that work for me and them

Nancy Littman