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Bellevue, WA

State Roofing

It is a quality company, with quality workmanship; a fully professional shop.

I had State Roofing put on a metal roof, which took a long time. It was 9 full working days worth of work. They had a different crew in the beginning to tear the old roof off.

The crew worked one really long day, 11 and a half hours, to get the roof pulled off and a water barrier on. It was scheduled to rain the next day, and it did, but they prepared for it and did a good job. The old roof was tar and gravel, which creates a lot of debris, and they did a really good job cleaning it up.

The next stage was the metal section, and they brought a big machine to put on the metal strips. That went very well. The guy who did 99% of the detail work on the roof was an exceptional employee. He worked hard every day, and the quality of his work was excellent.

I was really pleased with the entire job. It was not the cheapest by far, but the exceptional quality made up for it in my mind. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending State Roofing. I think that is a rarity in the roofing business.

I have been in this house since 1962, so this is not the first re-roofing I have had. I know that roofers have a stigma that says they will tell whatever they need to in order to get the job and promise a guarantee for life, but a year or two later they are gone and out of business. That is not the case with State Roofing. I went on the internet and took a look at State Roofing; I didn't find anything negative about them.