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Seattle, WA

State Roofing

Wonderful! Just beautiful results.

The job State Roofing did is perfect. We have a two story house with very high peaks. We're going to be here for a while; my husband's an invalid and has a wheelchair, so we decided to put money in our house. We had them put on a fifty year guarantee roof. It's one of those rubber, shake style roofs in a dark brown. It just looks real; it's spectacular. We also had them put in shutters that match my front shrubs. They're kind of a burgundy color and are also spectacular. The neighbors have commented on it.

Kevin did most of the work. The garage is one story and the house is two. There are five skylights that were perfectly masked all around them on the back porch. It just looks really, really good. You look at the neighbors, who have compilation roofs, and there's no comparison.

The guys that came, whoever and whenever, were so polite all the time. They always identified themselves and always had shirts on that said "State Roofing" and arrived in a van that said "State Roofing." They were very well coordinated and always very nice and knew who I was. They had practiced, I guess. They left a couple pieces of hardware here and I called about it and the hardware was picked up the very next day.

I'm very satisfied. I've been in this house for 45 years this November and had I known that I could have gotten shutters measured and put in within three weeks, when we had this party, I would have done it a long time ago. Everybody at the party commented on them. From the back it looks like Ponderosa!