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Roseville, CA


Friendly staff... until you buy the car!

My wife and I bought a VW Jetta from them about a month ago. Because it hadn't been detailed yet they told us they would call us to set up the detail on Monday, we purchased the vehicle on a Saturday. Monday came and went, so did Tuesday and Wednesday. After 2 or 3 calls we finally was told to bring it in the next Monday. We dropped it off Monday 8am and picked it up same day 6pm or so. (By the way, the breaks started squealing on us the day after we bought it, and still have not heard back from them in regards to this. That's ok though because dealerships are required to sell vehicles in a safe drivable manner by law, so I'll be reporting this tomorrow and I know it will be handled. Anyways, so we get the vehicle back after it's detail... it was shiny, with tons of buff marks throughout the car. We look at the factory hubcaps, and one of the detail guys obviously used the buffer or polisher on them cause they look sanded in a circular motion. We have reported this to everyone at the dealership, sent pics via email, and texted them to the finance girl as well, she was very sympathetic and nice. But we still have not heard back from them. I would not recommend this dealership at all! Although our salesman rick was nice, and everyone seemed to be great, there is no follow through on their part which makes me wonder if this car was even worth buying now.