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Green Van Lines is a family owned and operated moving company based in Dallas, Texas.


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This company is exemplifies "over promising, under delivering." Like some of the other reviews on here, initially the experience is very positive and they appear professional. Once they've got you hooked on a fair quote, it's game over.

Here was an email I sent with some of my grievances, per their request, that received no follow up:

1) The movers showed up 3 1/2 hours late from their scheduled appointment of 11 AM CST. I was told, first by you, and then them when they called on at least a couple occasions during the day, pushing back our scheduled appointment they would be expeditious in the pickup. When they showed up at nearly 2:30 PM CST they barely finished by the 6 PM CST cutoff of the leasing office closing for me to return the keys and close out my agreement. This is on top of the fact I had to change my flight to the following day and get a hotel, due to their late arrival, which alone cost me ~$500 all in.
2) When they arrived I was surprised to find out I wasn't able to use any of my credit cards without paying a 5% fee and personal checks were not accepted. I realize this was in the contract, but something I frankly glossed over given I've used other moving services, where I've never had this problem. As you can probably imagine, most people don't just carry around $2k in cash. Had they arrived on time I could've ran to the bank and pulled out the cash. Nevertheless, your payment policy and their tardiness just added stress to an already stressful day.
3) The quote increased by over $1000 at which point the foreman made a number of adjustments (on his clipboard) pointing to errors made by the home office. The fact he was calculating #s on his phone on a bunch of paper, told me this was an error prone process. The entire revision of the quote process just felt like a numbers game instead of being transparent, and frankly not one I was inclined to participate in in 100%+ sweltering humidity. The final outcome was an expected quote/bill still $500 over the originally quoted price.

Even after this, I called numerous times, to get an update on the quote that they indicated they would review for potential deductions and to provide a moving date. Every time I called and managed to get someone on the phone, they told ME to call them back for an update, because THEY were too busy. I spoke with Jason who spun a story that the foreman made a huge error and I was getting a killer deal.

The icing on the cake that's led me to submit this review and every other I plan on posting online is they promised me a delivery between Friday-Sunday of this week (it's already been 3 WEEKS), they just called to tell me my delivery won't be here until Thursday/Friday of next week.

They went days avoiding my calls.. this company MAY be equipped to handle local/Intrastate moves in Texas, but certainly not interstate. I get the feeling they wait to aggregate as many deliveries to a certain area as possible, at the customer's expense, to maximize their profits.

Seriously do yourself a favor, and plan on paying for a marginal difference, but saving yourself much unneeded stress and concern.