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Colorado Springs, CO

5 Star Moving & Storage

I would not recommend 5 Star or use 5 Star again

I would not recommend 5 Star or use 5 Star again.

Three out of the four movers were very nice and friendly. One out the four movers was extremely efficient. He used straps to carry two boxes at a time.

The lead mover was not honest. He claimed at the seven hour mark (on the move-out day) that the second truck was full and they were done for the day. It was not full. They were tired and wanted to be done for the day. He left us "up the creek". We had to figure out how we were going to move the rest of our belongings since 5 Star didn't care. I took photos when the movers opened up the second truck on the move-in day for proof that it was not full.

For the first half of the move-out day the movers were efficient. During the second half of the move-out day the movers took many breaks and were very slow. They were definitely not worth $215 an hour!

The house we moved out of had many stairs inside and outside. Access was difficult. We let 5 Star know this upfront over the phone. 5 Star was not concerned until the lead mover showed up on the move-out day.

The lead mover claimed we had many belongings not on the list, including a basketball hoop. The basketball hoop was the only belonging my wife forgot to tell 5 Star about over the phone. The lead mover refused to move the basketball hoop. He claimed it was "infested with yellow jackets and brown recluses". I believe this was a lie. I hired someone from Craigslist to move the basketball hoop and they did not complain.

There were other things that I could have overlooked if the rest of the experience was good. They shrink-wrapped the leather couch OUTSIDE after maneuvering it through a tight stairwell and a tight doorway. I would think you would shrink-wrap it BEFORE carrying it outside to prevent scratches/damage to the couch. They dumped items from my nightstand on the floor in a pile. At first they said they would shrink-wrap my wife's jewelry case as-is. Then they changed their mind and said to remove the jewelry from the case. My wife removed the jewelry quickly. Then they didn't even bother to move/load the jewelry case.

I recommend using a different moving company. I would never use 5 Star again.