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Colorado Springs, CO

5 Star Moving & Storage

Very disappointed. I chose the wrong company!

As I was planning my move I spoke w/several moving companies. I was impressed w/the woman at 5 Star as she was very kind and she took the time to go over a detailed list of all the items I would be moving. She recommended 3 men which I agreed to and she estimated my move to be around 6 hours. The day of the move the movers had to call for directions to my house which did not seem professional to me. They also had to call--twice for directions to the new house. I understand that wrapping everything takes time but it took from 10:45 'til after 4:00 to get loaded. At one point they told me they couldn't get everything on the truck and would need to make 2 trips. I was not about to allow that as the dollars were adding up. The most disturbing thing that happened was that the movers wrapped my 10 drawer heavy dresser w/the drawers in it and then attempted to carry it down a flight of stairs. In the process they put a hole in my wall and they were moaning ahd screaming trying to get the dresser down. I had to leave the room. They then used my spakling to patch the hole and I had to finish the repair and paint the wall. My moving estimate was $690.00. The move actually cost me over $1,400.00!!. I would not recommend 5 Star to anyone. In fact most people I have told about the dresser incident said they would have fired them on the spot. That sounds appropriate but then I wouldn't have gotten moved. I felt trapped.

Service Information
Reference No:W497170
Move Type:Residential, 22 miles
Estimated Volume:975 cf. (6825 lbs)
Requ. Date of Move: 08/30/2013 09:00 AM
Created on:08/05/2013
Service Quote
1 Truck 3 Men, 6.0 hrs, $115.00 hrs$690.00
Travel Time: $0.00
Actual time only from warehouse (4 hr minimum)$0.01
10% fuel surcharge on total bill$0.01
packing materials additional and upon request$0.01
Total Moving Quote$690.03
Customer Payment:$100.00


I am very sorry (anytime!) we hear of a move not going as expected. It is quite often that if the physical aspects of a move change, often the price of a move will also as it is charged by the hour. I am surprised and disappointed to hear that the men may have been able to be more efficient than they were for you.
We strive at every turn to be as accurate as possible and do also try to account for the inevitable list of unknown items that appear in many customers homes that we are unaware of. I am glad to hear that the large oversize dresser made it out and without damage and that the men were able to repair the small hole in your drywall that occurred from maneuvering a 350 lb piece down a steep staircase.
We had hoped that the offer of refund would help in a bad experience that we at this point can not take back. We understand that a monetary offer does not make up or eradicate the experience, but it is our only avenue to make things right at the end of the day. As I am sure you understand that things do not always go as they should, and oftentimes it is the measure of a company on how they handle their problems when the inevitably do arise.
We understand completely that you are not happy with our offer, and at the end of the day only wish you the very best in your new home, and appreciate the opportunity to become a better company in the end.

5 Star Moving & Storage commented on 09/12/2013