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A company that offers computer repair and networking services.


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Bloomington, IN

Computer Repair Now


My hard drive died on me and after looking at the reviews, I took my business here. It took them a week to fix, and even though they said they "fixed it," they didn't. I don't even know if Mark was being honest. Charged me $100, $50 up front, and another $50 for getting something. What did he get? Nothing. He said he spent six hours on it. Did he? He also said he took my hard drive out and basically said it was "fried." Well guess what...I took my hard drive out afterwards and it looks perfectly fine, so I don't know why he said it looked absolutely "fried." At the same time, when I brought in a external hard drive to upload the data he managed to retrieve, he said the usb cord didn't work. I said there is nothing wrong with it, or I got a lemon. Made me feel stupid and had to drive all the way back to Best Buy to purchase an overpriced hard drive. Turns out the usb was formatted for my friend's Apple but Mark couldn't figure it out. DON'T GO HERE. Make you feel stupid if you start asking questions and don't really know what they're doing. Both my dad and my brother work for top level computer companies, so don't even get me started.


Well Mark. After a couple months. I still have hard feelings. You know why? You don't call your customer a "little kid" you don't swear at me and call yourself a Christian. You don't use my name on here because it's a violation of my privacy. You don't call me "bi*chin" at you when you lost your cool and started shouting at me. You don't hang up on me after cussing at me. There's a list of things you shouldn't say/act as a human being much less than to a customer. I should really sue you. If you call me and harass me again, I'm calling the police. Oh yea, by the way? My dad recovered all the information from my laptop after looking at it for 10 minutes. Don't disparage your work? Please. What work?