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Disrespectful attorney

If you want an attorney to look you in the face and say you were a cheater and $@!#% as a husband to my wife that passed from breast cancer when all he has is a person, not even his client telling him rumors that seems pretty unethical to me. I would never hire this guy ever in my life for anything again. Was being told 5 million estimated settlement at the very beginning when the case was weak and as it got stronger my wife passed which changed it to a wrongful death case and as soon as that happened McLeod turned his back on me as a client and sided with my wife’s mother who never liked me because I’m white. And because she is a little higher on the totem pole as you would say, McLeod totally disregards my wishes as the plaintiff and surviving spouse in this case and agrees to a settlement way lower than what was talked about. I just sat there like what just happened and then he went in a private room with my mother in law and brother in law which have nothing to do with this case. When I specifically asked him not to speak to her anymore because he’s my attorney not hers and the only thing she has to do with anything is being my oldest sons current guardian because she stole him from me when she died. I am not his biological father and I’m a felon from a dui accident that I served my time for. I told McLeod about how she stole all my money when my wife passed and he continues to deal with her and side with her. Horrible communication. I have to look up on the clerk of courts website if papers were filed correctly and multiple times had to correct him and have them re filed. He tried to leave me off the motion saying who brings the case on and just put the kids, when the whole thing started with my wife and I. Just not that great of a person if you ask me. Just wants his money and to get out. Says it’s a perfect trial case then gets scared and settles for Pennies. We’re we already 3 years into the case and a month away from trial.. I wanted to go to trial because I seen what those doctors did to my wife but because I’m a felon I have no credibility. The medical records speak for themselves and he still wouldn’t go to trial. Just not a good attorney at all.