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It is the mission of the Beyer Boys to help make you as comfortable in your home through every season, all year long.


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Seguin, TX

Beyer Boys

Too Much Cost Difference

On Saturday, 6/29/13, with temperatures hovering in the 108 range, our A/C decides to quit. Surprisingly, out of convenience, I had just begun a service plan with the Beyer Boys a few days earlier. Obviously, they are the ones we called. In about three hours they came out, repaired the A/C, and left with my wife's checkbook balance being $541.84 lighter. Yesterday (7/1/13) I decided to get quotes on the work done by the Beyer Boys serviceman, whether needed or not, from two local A/C contractors. The quote from one was $252.00, and the other came in at $305.00, some $250-300 difference. Guess we bought them some more TV ads! I guess it is legalized extortion. Obviously I will be cancelling my service contract and never calling the Beyer Boys again. Hopefully this will keep some other citizens from being taken advantage of in the future. Guess we should "shop local". Maybe people in surrounding areas should "shop Seguin"! Good luck!