Business Description:

lawn care, maintanence


lawn care & grounds maintenance


2 Stars

Yorktown, VA


Disorganized and Unresponsive

Where do I start? This should be a simple straightforward service. You sign up, you receive treatments. Not difficult. Good luck. This company overcharged us $260 in March, 2017. Although they agree that we were billed incorrectly, we still have not received a... Read More

2 Stars

Williamsburg, VA


Poor Service

I spoke to a customer service representative and requested aeration service after 9/19/2016 which she stated was noted. I received a recorded message that the service would be performed on 9/7. I called an spoke to another representative who stated the 9/7 date... Read More

1 Stars

Portsmouth, NH


Rogue Company with Terror-Instilling Practices

TruGreen representatives Kimberly **, one "Dale", and a rather adamant and fearless Ashley (Employee Badge **) apparently believes that unless a customer has a fence, locked doors, and "no trespass" signs on their property any TruGreen representative can enter the... Read More

4 Stars

Newport News, VA


Wow, Lots of money.

These TrueGreen people always tell you there is stuff wrong with your yard and shrubs. I don't even know if they just make stuff up or what. I asked for someone to come over and walk through the yard. I have quite a large yard and gardens to take care of and I like... Read More