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Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings is Arizona's preferred Wedding venue for the perfect indoor or outdoor ceremony & reception.
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Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings
4000 E Palm St, Mesa, AZ 85215, USA
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Rachel L.

Mesa, AZ

Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings

Thank You Stonebridge--My Wedding Was Perfect!

To preface this review, two of my sisters had DIY weddings and everything was hectic. On the day of, everyone in the family (bride and groom included) was running around trying to organize things. It was just crazy! My then fiancee (now husband) and I decided that we did not want to have so much chaos on our happy day. We settled on Stonebridge Manor, and I am pleased to say that they ran the entire wedding perfectly! There were no bumps, no problems, and (most importantly) everyone got to enjoy the day.