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Jon Wayne is San Antonio's largest residential heating and air conditioning contractor. We work tirelessly to be the best so you get the best service possible.


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John's Review

San Antonio, TX

Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning

Good work. Poor customer service afterwards.

The actual work was done well. The problem came after. Once they had me as a customer who owes lots and lots of money on our credit card for work that was done. We were told that we would qualify for money at income tax time for putting a new air condition. That proved to be false. We were told that once a year for $100.00 they would come put a new filter. That proved to be false as well. Now, they are saying we have to be part of some club of there's in order to qualify, which naturally cost money, and on top of that, money to come install filter. When I call the office, the reception is good, they tell me one thing, but shortly thereafter someone else from office calls refuting what we were told. I never expected this from this company. I was positive things were going to go well. So much for us referring them to any one.