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Jon Wayne is San Antonio's largest residential heating and air conditioning contractor. We work tirelessly to be the best so you get the best service possible.


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Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning

Extremely Disappointed with Dishonest Estimate

I'm very disappointed, actually disgusted, in the recent estimate and service that a service tech from Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning provided to my wife while I was out of town on business travel and our air conditioner stopped working. Upon inspecting our AC, the technician told my wife that it was going to cost $6,800 to properly fix the system and that even the cheapest "band-aid" solution would cost $2,400. Now, I should mention that my AC unit is only 4 years old, as my house was built in 2008 and the AC was installed as a new system at that time. So, my wife asked if the system might still be covered under a warranty. The technician from Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning told my wife that their was no way for him to know that. So, my wife called me and told me this and we decided to get a second opinion instead. A fried of the family referred us to Burkholder AC & Heating. Well, we are VERY happy that we decided to get a second opinion because Burkholder AC & Heating was able to tell us that the unit was in fact still covered under a warranty (which they discovered by contacting the manufacturer for us and providing the necessary info) and then told us that it was only going to cost about $400 to repair our system. As it turned out, the unit just needed a new fan motor, so even if it wasn't covered under warranty, it still would not have cost anywhere near the $6,800 that we were quoted by Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning. I'm convinced that the estimate was simply based on the fact that we have a very beautiful (and expensive) house and the technician just assumed that we had "money to burn" so he jacked up the estimate in hopes that we'd be stupid enough and/or desperate enough to pay the outrageous price.