Banner Creek Animal Hospital

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Pet Services


4 Stars

Holton, KS


Have been there when needed

When my horses became ill the docs did everything they could, even went out of the way and did extra recerch to to help them. They are all healthy and well today I could not have done it with out such a compassionate doctor! Thank you Read More

1 Stars

Holton, KS


Find anonther place to go

Heart of Jackson County in Holton use to be where local law enforcement would take stray animals and lost pets. This wonderful organization is operated mainly through donations and volunteer work. Dan Degenhardt made a deal with the county and stole the contract... Read More

5 Stars

Topeka, KS


Very nice people, felt welcome, took very good care of my animals

I took my cat to get her shots, everyone was so friendly! They seemed to care about me and my cat. Great doctors! My cat was very scared because she hates car rides and new people. I'm sure the smell of other dogs and cats wern't helping her either. When the doctor... Read More