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Houston’s premier window replacement company for 21 years, with the same single installation crew for the past 15 years.


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Ultra Windows

These people are the best - !!!!!!!!!!!!

We worked with Mike Goins to order our windows. He was so careful and meticulous, that he even phoned right before submitting the final order to make sure about the color. He had remembered when we first met that I didn't like the color - which we ended up ordering. And although everything was correct on the order, and I had signed the contract - he just wanted to make sure.

The windows arrived last week. His crew, headed by George - covered everything (I mean EVERYTHING) with fresh (new) plastic sheeting and then laid down quilted moving blankets EVERYWHERE. They worked from 11 Am until 8 at night relacing all our windows with ELEMENTS and two Simonton's for the baths.

I knew that some of the wood was rotten under the shutters and that the original panels on either side of the front windows needed replacing. I had received 2 bids on the job. But neither seemed reasonable (one WAY too high and the other suspiciously low.) I asked Mike Goins if I could hire his crew to do it while they were here and he said yes. That I could contract with George directly.

George gave me a very reasonable price for all four windows in the front, including materials.

So they ripped off the old wooden shutters and the rotted wood below, replaced the panels with hardiplank, and sealed everything in. They installed all the windows, filed in all the spaces with insulating foam and caulked everything inside and out.

The caulking job was perfect. In fact, in the kitchen where there is dark tile on the ledge,travertine on the side and the top third of the window painted sheetrock....he used three different caulks to match each abutting color. And the caulk - through-out the house - inside and out was applied perfectly... no wavy lines, or un-even application.

Then the cleaned everything up, re-hung the blinds (even though it says in the contract that they won't do that)- swept and vaccuumed and hauled all the debir away. It was like they had never been here (except for the new windows!)

Ater a couple of days I noticed the caulk on on of the windows had sunk in one area (about 1 1/2 " gap). Also where George had taken the defunt burgler alarm off the window, he didn't want to caulk right away and so forgot to go back and do it - and there was one 1" scratch in the kitchen window. Any other window I wouldn't have cared, but it is right above the sink, so I would notice it every time I was at the sink.

I contacted Mike to let him know. Two days later George came back, fixed both caulk areas, checked the scratch and ordred us a new window!

We have been renovating for the past few months and this was the most honest, forthright, professional and talented contractors we have had in the house... and resonable. We invested about $7,000 and we know that it raised the value of the house $10,000.

What a pleasure to work with people who take pride in their product and their work. Like night and day from a couple of other contractos we have had in here.