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14+ weeks to complete the project

My truck was dropped off Aug. 20th, 14+ weeks later I still do not have my vehicle. I have been given several expected dates that it should be done and all have passed. I have continually been given excuses about why my vehicle is not complete. I finally lost it today and will share my negative experience with everyone I can.

Quality of work -TBD cannot rate until I actually get the vehicle back


Mr Drewery
We are very sorry for the duration of time your vehicle took to repair. We understand the frustrations of being without a vehicle for long periods of time. The damage sustained to the front end of the vehicle required more than a part replacement. Using electronic measuring systems and special factory required welding equipment, we completed repairs to the main structural areas of the vehicle. While completing the repairs we ensured we kept the integrity and re-aligned the frame back to factory specification. This process takes a great deal of time and patients on the side of the technician since they are working with higher strength steel. We have billed for the agreed upon price with the insurance company but we have instructed our techs to go above and beyond the scope of the time involved at no additional charge to insure the vehicle was completed to factory standards. The original repair was 6362.30 assessed by the insurance company and after our dis-assembly and multiple additional items found the amount of the repairs is approximately 16 thousand and the national average is about 1 week per thousand. We always strive to beat the average but with complexity of the repairs this unfortunately requires more time on our end to ensure a quality repair. With Repairs of this size the hours listed doesn’t account for locating undamaged parts from vendors, waiting on the insurance company for approvals/inspections, fitting parts, diagnosing electrical and mechanical problems as they arise. Most of these items the insurance company will not even address. We pride ourselves when it comes to quality and customer service. Wanted to convey a better understanding of the time that we spend throughout the repair process. We agree with your frustration with communication. If our representative would have let you know exactly throughout the process how much more time you should expect
for completion instead of all of the revised completion dates perhaps you would have not been so upset with our company and service.
again i sincerely apologize.
Owner of Colorado Auto Body.

Colorado Auto Body commented on 12/19/2015