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Fallon, NV

Wallace Realty Corporation

Worst rental experience EVER.

Where to start...My husband and I moved to Fallon two years ago. We had never been to Nevada so we basically googled local property management companies. I went through Wallace because they had a house that seemed to fit all of our needs and, shame on me, I did very little research on the company itself. Because we were moving across the country, we didn't even see the house before we moved in. That being said, I don't know that we would've been turned off the property because at first glance, it was everything that was advertised and when we came in to sign the lease, the staff was pleasant. The property we rented was older and within a few months of moving in we began having issues with the septic tank. This was one of many issues that would be a constant problem for the duration of our time there. It became apparent that they had no care or concern that we had no working toilets every 4 to 6 weeks. In one instance, this issue occured on a Saturday and I called the emergency line. It took 8 hours and 5 voicemails for someone to finally return my call and when they did, well to say they were rude would be an understatement. I was told that they would not pay a company overtime mad we would have to wait until next Monday for someone to come out. We also had multiple issues with our well running dry due to cattle that the property owner our on our land. Even though this happened literally EVERY TIME he put cattle on the land (they would drink the well dry) Wallace staff always managed to make accusatory statements (you must be running the water too much, you probably let the light go out on the pump house and the pipes are probably frozen and if so you're gonna have to pay for that, etc) followed by the same no care we will get to it when we can attitude. No working showers , toilets or sinks is NOT an emergency to this company. Mice in the house? Your problem. Light goes out in a spider infested Pump house ? Your responsibility to fix it. Septic tank backing up? Go buy tabs to drop in the toilet, it's your responsibility. I could go on and on but you probably get the idea. We were ecstatic about moving and when we scheduled our final walk through I had spent the week in advance cleaning as much as I could. When the staff showed up, my husband was clearing the last bit of his stuff from the garage. I walked out to greet them and instead of a "hello", I was met with a flat "so I guess the garage isn't cleared out yet?". I waited outside for them to finish and after they were done, the same woman came out and asked me if I wanted to "attempt" to clean the house before we left. I would say I was shocked by how rude this woman was but, having dealt with her in the past, it just seemed par for the course. Bottom line: this leasing company doesn't care about its tenants, maybe because the area is a military town and they aren't worried about repeat business since most families move after a few years. If you want a leasing company that will take your needs and concerns seriously, this is not the place. Want your deposit back? Not the place. Want to be treated like a human being? Not the place. No matter what type of deal they are offering I'm telling you sincerely that it is not worth it for the bs you will deal with until your lease is up. ANYWHERE ELSE IS BETTER!