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Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating

A slow hose connector leak from our dishwasher was repaired by Alber Nahman plumbers for $450 and three hose calls. The three plumbers were all very friendly and professional but only the last one was able to fix the problem. The cost of this repair, $450, was completely outrageous!

We had a slow leak under our sink so we called Albert Nahman Plumbing to stop the leak. We told the plumber that we thought the leak was coming from the hose connection with our dishwasher but weren't sure. The plumber was very polite and spoke with confidence. He told us that there was corrosion in an adjacent pipe because there was an iron pipe connected to a copper pipe. He spent an hour re- connecting the pipes in a very professional manner and then gave us a bill for $250. But the slow leak was still there the next day. A week later we called the plumber again and they sent a very nice and confident plumber to fix the problem. She explained to us that the problem was most likely due to faulty caulking around the faucet so she re-caulked the area and told us that there would be no charge, which was very nice. But the next day the leak was still there. So, Albert Nahman sent a third plumber to fix the problem. He was very nice and professional and explained to us that the problem was most likely due to a faulty hose connection to the dishwasher, my original hunch. He then gave us a quote for an additional $250 to replace the hose connector. We protested the fee and were able to bargain him down to only an additional $199. The next day we celebrated success. Our leak was fixed for $450 and three plumber visits. Next time we have a plumbing problem I will think twice about calling Albert Nahman, plumbers. The cost of this repair and the hassle involved with three visits was outrageous.