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San Anselmo, CA

Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating

Terrible install

Hired Albert Nahman to come install a Rinnai tankless / on-demand water heater at my home. Since that moment, we have had nothing but issues and I can't believe that these positive Yelp reviews are primarily made up of fake accounts as there were just too many issues to assume that they normally get it right.

The price to hire Albert Nahman was literally twice as much as other plumbers but they promised they could do the job right away, so I hired them. Unfortunately, they didn't honor their word and I could have had the same exact job done by another Rinnai authorized plumber for half the price.

Here are some of the many issues we encountered (I should note that to date the system is still not functioning as promised and the owner has been on vacation):

- Job promised to happen on a Friday. Due to "emergencies" at Albert Nahman, they cancelled on us and rescheduled for following Wednesday.

- Job was promised to take no more than 2 days. It has already taken 3 FULL days and their are still issues.

- Job was not done correctly. Plumbers didn't know how to properly install the system and made a few very big mistakes.
#1: They didn't connect the system to my existing hot water recirculating pipes. Oops!
#2: They forgot to take out some of the packaging plugs/caps and the system kept turning itself off. They had to send a tech out the following day and he found they had closed up the device without properly installing it. We had no hot water from afternoon of one day to following day when they figured out what they did wrong.
#3: Yet another day we had no hot water (for 2 days total) because of a faulty earthquake shutoff that they installed on the side of our house.

- Plumbers were promised at 8:30am on 2nd day of install. I received an email confirming it. Then the night before I received a call saying it would be 9:30am arrival. At 9:45am I contacted the company and finally at 10:30am (1 or 2 hours late, depending on how you look at it), the plumbers finally arrived. Needless to say, this negatively impacted my work day.

- The plumbers literally drove their van into a garbage can that was in front of house for trash day, and they didn't bother to pick it up. They also dragged our recycling can on top of our plants so they could better park their van. When I saw the can knocked over and the other one killing the plants, I reviewed our home surveillance system and verified it was them.

- We now hear the machine turning on & off and I am awoken in the morning to the sound of water continuously rushing through my walls. From my home office - where I sit now - I can hear the machine humming and can also hear water rushing through the walls. Our previous recirculating system was quiet and I can't help but wonder if they messed up yet another component during the install of the machine. I should note they told me I would not hear the machine.

- Recognizing the job was not (and still is not) done correctly - and issues were still outstanding - we received an email asking if they could charge our card for $7,000+ to pay the balance for the install of the system. I wrote back in no uncertain terms that they were NOT authorized to charge my card as the job was not complete. Regardless, they charged my card. When I called the company to ask about what happened, they apologized and promised to refund it. A few days later it hadn't been refunded and I called again and was told that the owner "Albert" did not authorize them to refund it and he should have called me last week, which he didn't. Apparently he is now on vacation.

So...long story short, I would strongly advise getting another reputable plumbing company to give you a quote for whatever job you're looking to do. You'll definitely save yourself some $$$ and you may also save yourself from a headache.

Good luck!!