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I was very displeased by my experience with Windcrest. In August of 2008, I took my dog there for emergency care after he had been struck by a car. Unfortunately, my


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Wilmington, DE

Windcrest Animal Hospital

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We took our 1 year old kitten into emergency at Windcrest and were given an inaccurate estimate of the cost. for treatment, which lead us to believe we would have to euthenize him. We were then given a new bill which was thousands less. We went through four days of care for him, with much cost. We were called to take him home on day four and told "hes great!". Then, four hours later we were notified they had done a procedure without our consent and he was in need of immediate surgery. After paying thousands for his care, we were told he could not have the surgery because Dr. Dawkins was consulted by his veterinarian and would not approve us paying a minimal portion of the balance the following day,; it needed to be paid up front. This was followed by the veterinarian asking, " do you want your cat's ashes to stay here or to take them home in a box"? Their website says, " we’re animal lovers through and through. That means we care for our patients as if they were our own, and we go above and beyond". We beg to differ. It was an emotional and mental traumatization for our whole family as we ping ponged from "hes great, take him home to being told they did a procedure without our permission and he was now in need of emergency surgery. After telling us he was going into surgery, they told us they consulted Dr. Dawkins and the surgery was put to a halt because he would not allow us to pay a minimal portion of the cost the next day. The follow up statement of "do you want his ashes in a box" came from the veterinarian as we were JUST learning he was denied the surgery due to Dr. Dawkin's financial decision. We are so traumatized, we left with our cat in critical condition and went to another hospital.