Windcrest Animal Hospital

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I was very displeased by my experience with Windcrest. In August of 2008, I took my dog there for emergency care after he had been struck by a car. Unfortunately, my


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1 Stars

Newark, DE


The new telephone answering system is awful

Clients are left on hold for far too long and even the emergency line is not answered immediately. For the untold amount of money we've spent at Windcrest, I expect a more efficient way for staff to reach and to help clients, but apparently, that's too much to ask. Read More

1 Stars

Wilmington, DE


Traumatically Insensitive

We took our 1 year old kitten into emergency at Windcrest and were given an inaccurate estimate of the cost. for treatment, which lead us to believe we would have to euthenize him. We were then given a new bill which was thousands less. We went through four days of... Read More

5 Stars

Landenberg , PA


Complete peace and comfort with boarding

I travel a lot for work and have recently had to start boarding my "kids". One of them has severe health issues... Diabetes, blindness just to name a few. I've always been scared to board my babies because my one is so high maintenance with medications. Well the... Read More

5 Stars

Newcastle, DE


Great place

I took my guinea pig there two times and both doctors that saw him took REALLY good care of him! I have decided to take the rest of my animals there as a result! Thank you Dr. Wilkerson, Nancy and Karen Read More

3 Stars

Newark, DE


Usually ok.. Depends on who is working.

Wincrest is a good animal hospital IF you can afford it. Brought our dog in because he was dehydrated. They originally presented is with an estimate for $450.00. This did not include the cost of any treatment; Just some diagnostics. I like the place but really... Read More

5 Stars

Milton, DE


Compassion you can Trust

In writing a review I did not want to boast on my personal experiences because there is almost always an emotional attachment to your words. I would rather give a personal observation. To many of us animals become part of the nuclear family and there is nothing we... Read More

2 Stars

New Castle, DE


Care more about money than animals

I was very displeased with my experience at Windcrest animal hospital. In August of 2008, I took my dog there for emergency care after he had been struck by a car. Unfortunately, my dog had to be put down. The people there were very insensitive to the fact that I... Read More