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Spent 10,500 on my sti and wish i went some were else

I brought my wrx sti in because it was stalling andrunning like bad. I heard threw a freind these guys new suburus well. Turns out one off my ringlands on my piston went and required a rebuild. Chris did a good job of explaining wut was going on and recomendid going with forged pistons to prevent this from happening again witch i am very happy we did it. It definetly took along time to finish over 1 month. And when i finally got it back and was driveing it home there was a leak in the blow off valve. So i had to go back and he adjusted it and fixed the problem.but even thoe it was minor it buged me because they had it so long and id accpect it to be 100 so after that it was running ok for a week then it kept stalling and sometimes wouldnt start. So i had to bring it back again and they replaced the a/c tensioner and pulley and replaced the turbo inlet tube. I called to see when it was going to be done they said a couple days. So i called to see if it was done and the lady said yes so i was on my way there and the mechanic called and said it would not be done untill monday witch buged me also.so i got the car back on the monday and everything seemed fine and then my a/c started blowing alote of frost and my fan wasnt working right id put it on max abd would bairly blow. So once AGAIN back to the shop. They diangosed it and said i needed a new computer witch they said they would try to get used. Used? They did somthing because before it worked fine. So chris called me said could not find a used one he said new ones gonna coast me 1200! I already paid 10,500 and i even talk to another mechanic and he said it sounds fishy. And they said they would pay for the oil change after broken in to semi sythetic and to fully synthetic.so i booked apointment for my fully synthetic and arrived and they said i didnt have an appointment witch i did but he still got me in. Then he asked if i was gonna be running fully synthetic. Weird question from people who are supposed to be so specailized. I was not happy when everything was done. I will only go there for waranty stuff and thats it. All anyone wants after spending 10,500 is a RELIABLE car not to keep going back.


We are sorry we could not satisfy this customer. When you do an engine overhaul, it takes time, it is expensive and sometimes there are complications. I completely understand the frustration of paying a large amount of money and still having problems with your car. True, he did have to come back a few times, but some issues were not our responsibility, but we repaired all of them at no charge anyway.
The blow-off valve, an aftermarket unit that we did not sell him that would leak when you touched it the wrong way - repaired no charge,
The bearing and inlet tube, parts that happened to fail after the overhaul - replaced no charge.
There was another issue he did not mention, a previous owner or shop drilled a hole in the exhaust and plugged it with a pipe plug. The plug came loose a couple times, so we brought him in and welded the hole shut - again no charge.
The A/C problem, I found the A/C belt would slip and the engine RPM would drop when the A/C clutch engaged. I check the pressures and found 400+ PSI in the high side, I traced it to the A/C cooling fan cutting out. I found the A/C on signal to the ECU was dropping out at the same time and also the mode controls would stop working intermittently. That is why I said the head unit was faulty. We never had a chance to repair this and if I was wrong, he wouldn't have payed a cent.
The oil change confusion was quite frankly, my fault. Whomever took the appointment didn't enter it in the system. As stated, we did take it in anyway, but in my haste I didn't check to see if this was his first or second oil change after the overhaul. Completely my fault, I apologize.
In conclusion, We stand behind our work 100 so if there is ever a problem with anything we do, we will fix it. I did email and call this client to see if there was anything I could do to remedy the situation, he was not interested in talking to me.
Chris Babichuk
Apex Specialized Automotive.

Apex Specialized Automotive Inc. commented on 03/07/2012