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BUYER BEWARE!! Cleaning Buckled Carpet Owner Won't Fix

First I have to say that Patty and the gentleman that cleaned my carpet were very nice and professional. But I noticed after the carpet cleaner left that the carpet had buckled in a couple of places and I was very upset. I called the office and Patty told me that the carpet buckling can happen sometimes but once the carpet is completley dry (24 hrs) it should go back down. If it doesn't to call in the morning and speak with Drew the owner, she said he would be able to resolve the problem for me. She made me feel better about the problem and that they would stand behind their service. Well the carpet buckles didn't go down so I called and spoke with Drew. He was so unresponsive and rude to me. I was very taken back as I had never been spoken to a business owner like him before. He told me to let it go for a while and see what happens (couple of weeks). I explained that this is my main living area and that all my furniture is out of the room and I can't live like this indefinitely. He became very agressive with me and told me that he wasn't responsible and he's not going to replace my carpet. (I never suggesed this) and that if I wasn't so uptight and just waited a while and see what happens the carpet eventually should go back down. If not I could call back in a couple of weeks and he could put me in touch with the manufacturer of my carpet for them to deal with me. I've had my carpets cleaned before and never had a problem like this. This is just a small piece of my 15 minute conversation, where Drew berated me and told me over and over it's not his problem. I asked him if he had someone who could come out with a knee kick and straighten out the couple of buckles. I was very nice and hoped to work with him to resolve the problem, but he didn't want to discuss anything that would involve him or his company's time to fix the problem. Just beware before you hire this company. Everyone is nice to deal with on the front end, but if you have a problem the owner will not work with you to resolve your problem.


American Chem-Dry holds customer satisfaction very high on our priority list and are in the process of resolving this issue with our customer. Some nylon type carpets can have buckling attributes when cleaned and 99.9 of the time this buckling resolves itself within a short period of time. We had offered to come back and see if the carpet needed to be stretched but the customer refused our service. We have since put her in touch with a professional carpet installer to come out inspect, diagnose, and repair; if necessary, any buckling in the carpet. It is our understanding this issue has been put on hold by the customer and we await further instructions from her. Even though this review is 1 out of 260 reviews that is less than satisfactory we aim for 100 customer satisfaction and given the opportunity we will fix this problem and work to regain this customers trust.

American Chem-Dry commented on 05/10/2013