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Centennial, CO

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I was charged $1200 for the installation of a toilet; the toilet was $185

I would NEVER USE this company or refer it to anyone I know. On April 17, 2015, Done Plumbing came out to unclog my toilet and fix the handle so that it would flush. The representative unclogged the toilet easily but said that the toilet was rusted out. He said he could fix it or replace it for not much more. I was not concerned about the price because I knew toilets were cheap. Done Plumbing DID NOT Give me an estimate before beginning work. However, when I was given the invoice to approve the work, it was $1200.00. My daughter came to spend the weekend that afternoon and I did not think about the toilet again. However, on Monday, I realized that the price charged was exorbitant. I called the company to ask if it was a mistake and was given a specious answer that the price included so much more than the toilet. She acknowledged that the toilet was $185, which the company now disputes. The company is only willing to deduct $100 from the bill. I have checked with the plumbing companies on Home Advisor and other companies in the area. The price for the work done ranges from $340 to $600. The owner, Jamie Metz, was not willing to compromise other than deducting the $100. Since the company will not compromise on a fair price based upon the going rate in the Denver area, I am filing a claim in small claims court and reporting the company and owner to the Colorado plumber licensing bureau. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. CALL BELL PLUMBING INSTEAD.


Judy, as we discussed on the phone we always present pricing up front and in writing for a signature approval so our customers can make informed decisions. We also ask for a signature at the conclusion of the job to verify that it was done to your satisfaction. Our iPads invoicing systems require this order of approval for the technician to be able to progress through the call. Lastly, our dispatch department calls after our technician has left as a courtesy to ensure that everything is OK, this also gives customers an opportunity to voice a concern with work if they felt uncomfortable doing so in person. While all this was done the day work was completed (4/13/15) it was not until 4/21/15 (8 days later) that you opened an inquiry to speak with a manager about the pricing.

As clarification, we installed a new TOTO toilet and also performed two additional tasks for you during our over 4 hour service call. These additional tasks included clearing the sewer line and auguring the lavatory sink in the master bedroom. It was recommended that you replace your toilet as it was rusting, and you agreed at the time of service that is should be replaced and signed approving the price. The TOTO toilets we install comes with a lifetime parts warranty, all work completed has a 1 year labor warranty, and pricing must consider other costs of doing business, including insurance (health, property, workman’s comp, vehicle, etc.), licenses, gas, uniforms, office staff, equipment, etc. Again, we try to be as transparent as possible and present pricing on an iPad system that prevents technicians from making up their own prices for service.

You acknowledged these details during your calls with our management team and to claim that you paid $1200 for just for the toilet is not accurate, nor was the cost of the toilet that we installed $185. Our management team offered a partial refund as a good will gesture and was willing to negotiate higher than the initial offer, but you demanded $600 or threatened litigation and would not accept any other amount returned. This left no room for compromise, especially once you threatened litigation. We hope it doesn’t have to come to that, but did not feel there was any more we could do as you demanded $600 or else.

Done Plumbing & Heating commented on 04/28/2015