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Aurora, CO

Done Plumbing & Heating

Good work but....

I had a leak in my expansion tank , so I called Done! They sent a technician out to look at the problem. He told me that it would require a replacement of the water heater and also the expansion tank he quoted me at $1600 which I thought was far too much to pay for that work. He also told me that the new water tank would be the same size as the old water tank that I already had but when he put it in the water tank look to be much bigger than my old one. Then on top of that he told me that done plumbing would not be responsible for the flu that I may need later if my water heater doesn't pass inspections that would also be another $1200 job for something that doesn't need to be fixed. The work that the technician did was good work but I just feel like I was taking for ride in terms of the cost and that future potential cost for having a water heater that doesn't fit my home with something that may or may not pass inspections $1600 should guarantee that I pass inspections . Will not use done plumbing again


Marcus, thank you for your feedback and your business. We always present pricing upfront and in writing and require an approval signature before beginning work so our customers can make informed decisions. As there were additional items needed to bring your installation up to the most recent International Plumbing Code (including a new drain pan and shutoff valve) the cost was slightly higher than just a water hater replacement.

In regards to the water heater being the same size, water heaters are measured by the water capacity not the physical dimensions. In your case, the 40 gallon water heater was replaced with a 40 gallon water heater. The physical dimensions may have been different based on the manufacturer and the efficiency of a new piece of equipment.

Lastly, in regards to the flue piping and the potential of additional cost, you currently have a 3" flue and current code calls for 4" flue piping in certain situations. Because these situations are at the discretion of the city inspector, rather than say it was required we let you know that it is a possibility. We don't want to charge for work that does not need done. Unfortunately, this will be determined by the inspector and will need to be revisited if necessary. We have over a 98% pass rate for inspections so we are hopeful that this will not be necessary based on our opinion.

Done Plumbing & Heating commented on 04/28/2015