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One call is all it takes to get it Done! We're available 7 days a week with no extra charges for nights or weekends. All our technicians are professionally-trained.


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Tamara's Review




Aurora, CO

Done Plumbing & Heating

Almost Perfect...but...

Our experience with Done Plumbing & Heating was nearly perfect. In fact, I would have rated them as 'Excellent' were it not for one area of concern. But first, all of the 'Pros' before the single 'Con':

Pros: They were incredibly prompt. I called on an early Saturday afternoon and Greg, the technician, was dispatched and arrived in less than a hour. He was very friendly, fast and professional. He quickly assessed our furnace situation and diagnosed the problem. He thoroughly explained what was going on and gave us our options -- either replace both motors or buy a new furnace.

Pros: They offer interest-free financing options -- through Wells Fargo -- for either repairs or replacements, which was a huge plus since either option was going to be costly. The application process was simple and (thank God) we got qualiffied.

Pros: On the day of installation, Greg and his assistant showed up well within their 2-hour window. And before any work started, Greg explained everything that he needed to do in great detail (which was very much appreciated) and then he and his assistant got right to work.

Pros: The price for the new furnace was well-within the average price for new furnaces, as I made sure to research those averages before my husband and I agreed to the purchase.

Pros: Efficient paperwork, as there was only one paper form that we needed to sign. The rest of the documentation was done electronically via tablet and emailed to us.

Pros: Greg thoroughly cleaned up after the work, leaving no traces of any of the work that had been done.

So, all in all, we got great service, a professional installation and are left with a brand new furnace, which we are very pleased with.

Now for the single 'Con,' and it is a fairly significant one.

I would have appreciated it if the customer service representative who I first spoke to -- and who scheduled the initial visit -- would have explained that the $39 'trip charge' did not include the actual diagnosis of our furnace problem. It wasn't until after the technician arrived that we were informed, before he even looked at our unit, that the cost for diagnosing the problem would be $199. And he explained that, of course, once the problem was diagnosed, the $199 would be applied to either the cost of the furnace repair or replacement.

My concern is that once Greg was at the house, we really didn't have any option other than to pay the $199, because we needed to know what was wrong with our furnace -- that was the primary reason for him coming over. So I felt like we were, in essence, forced to have Done Plumbing & Heating do either the repair or replacement, or else we would have had to pay $199 for what amounted to about 20 minutes of 'work.' Oh, wait, I mean $238 (which includes the trip charge) for 20 minutes of 'work.'

Frankly, this is something that should have been communicated to us during that first phone call with the customer service representative so that we could have made an informed choice about whether or not we wanted to commit to having them do the work. But by not disclosing this rather pricey 'diagnostic' fee up front, I feel like we had no choice but to go with Done.

Other companies that I had called either charged a nominally higher 'trip charge' (one was asking only $79), with that charge being included in the diagnosis of the problem, or in one company's case, they charged no fee at all to come give us an estimate for a new unit.

So, as I said at the open of this review, I would have given Done Plumbing & Heating an excellent rating, had it not been for what I felt was a sneaky way of forcing us to use their services. Once we knew we had to pay over $200 for a mere 20 minute visit, it would not have made much sense to call another company. It is definitely a shady way of doing business and it is a practice that I believe the company should consider changing. Maybe then I would consider giving it an 'excellent' rating.



Thank you very much for the very detailed review! We always appreciate feedback so we can share with our staff and grow as a company. And we very much appreciate all the positives in your feedback!

In regards to the diagnostic charge, the reason that we are unable to quote that over the phone is that it is not always necessary to charge. In fact, a majority of the time it is unnecessary as we are able to evaluate what is happening with visual inspection and basic troubleshooting. When the problem is more complex and our technician needs to start using equipment to diagnose what the underlying root cause is, is when a diagnostic charge is necessary.

This is similar to a car mechanic. If the mechanic is able to determine what is wrong with your car with a basic evaluation, he is able to give you an estimate on what the cost will be to fix it. However, if he needs to start disassembling the engine or electronics to find the root cause, there is often times a diagnostic for this deeper digging.

We by no means intend to mislead our customers, and always present any pricing for approval before any charges are incurred. We also apply the cost of this diagnostic to any additional work in an effort be as transparent as possible. As this charge is generally not necessary for a vast majority of our jobs, we do not want to set inaccurate expectations that it will be charged when booking appointments.

That said, we will discuss your concerns in our next management meeting to see if there is a better way that we can address these situations in the future.

Done Plumbing & Heating commented on 02/02/2015