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Greg's Review




Aurora, CO

Done Plumbing

Not a professional firm by their conduct.

I've spent over $12,000 with this firm over the last 3 years for plumbing repairs on my rental home. Now I live in my rental property permanently and found my new furnace has a non-standard sized air filter.
I called to express my disappointment with this fact. I was civil and professional in my consumer complaint.
Today I need an outside spigot replaced and I have been told by the Done Plumbing dispatcher there is a note on my file indicating they cannot do business with me.

If that is the way they do business, that is fine but I would like other potential customers to know this is how they roll.
In summary - from sewage obstruction to furnace repairs - it was NEVER ever a minor repair - 9k and 3k respectively.
Just sayin, buyer beware.


Greg, when you called in September 2021 with concern about the filter size installed with your furnace in 2018 you stated to the Customer Service Rep that it was going to be “drastic” for us if we didn’t take care of you. It took our management 1.5 hours from this initial call to reach back out to you, which you stated was unacceptable and was not a reasonable amount of time.

While we offered to get a technician to your home the next day to take a look at the concern and correct any issues, you stated that because it had taken us too long to call you back that you already had another company on-site. While we reviewed pictures and of the installation and parts lists from the job showing that the filters used for installation were a standard 1x20x25 (including a box of filters of that size left as part of the installation), we wanted to ensure that nothing was missed. You let us know at that time that you didn’t have faith in our work, accused us of installing used parts, didn’t want to give us the opportunity to make it right, and stated that you wanted the other contractor take care of your property (making sure to point out that you would be installing an AC in the near future and would be sure to use someone else).

While we do appreciate the previous work you’ve allowed us to perform (and all warranties will be honored on that work), being accused of bad workmanship, without the opportunity to correct any issues (within 24 hours), threatening that it was going to be drastic for us (assuming you mean by posting negative reviews), along with your stated intention of using another contractor in the future we felt that we were no longer a fit for your needs. We post this as context for other viewers of your review and will not get into an online discussion further. As you’ve called our office and requested to not receive a call back, we wish you the best of luck.

Done Plumbing commented on 10/07/2021