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One call is all it takes to get it Done! We're available 7 days a week with no extra charges for nights or weekends. All our technicians are professionally-trained.


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Aurora, CO

Done Plumbing & Heating


Here’s my experience, you decide if you want to call this company.
I called them on a Saturday night because my water heater wasn’t lighting. Guy showed up on time. Looks at my water heater for a few minutes, tries to sell me a new one because mine is 11 years old. Tries the pilot light and gets it to light. Sits down in my dining room and writes up a bill for $199. I asked why the high charge when he didn’t fix anything. He stated there’s a $199 MINIMUM SERVICE CHARGE. Oh this does include the trip charge they warned you about in the phone call. So to touch anything is $199 MINIMUM SERVICE CHARGE. I phoned the company and reached the customer service manager who offered to refund just $50. I felt the reasonable offer would be to pay the trip charge of $39 since nothing was fixed. I had to speak to her boss who was condescending and gave me multiple BS reasons why he’s losing money if he only gets paid the $39 trip fee. Note: if this is true then they will find a reason to touch your stuff and charge you $199 MINIMUM SERVICE CHARGE. Only makes sense if they lose money on just the trip charge. He did however increase my refund to $100. Now it only cost me $60 to light my pilot light, Yeah! He made a big deal of having to get to accounting to change the amount of the refund. SIXTEEN DAYS LATER: I called the Customer Service Manager to inquire where my refund is. The check will be cut in another two days and to expect it the week after. I have been in accounting for over 25 years and can attest this is taking way to long. Another thing to warn you about is the “Invoice” they present. I was given this AFTER he lit my pilot light, the “Invoice” states the charges should be presented before work in done. Because I had guests and was in a hurry I signed this in error. DO NOT SIGN UNTIL READING FINE PRINT AND ARE HAPPY WITH ALL WORK, THEY WILL USE YOUR SIGNATURE AGAINST YOU IN A LEGAL SENSE. They did bring this up in our conversation. I have let my neighbors, friends, family and co-workers to beware of their business practices.