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I went with Southwinds for TWO reasons: To get honesty. No problem there; I got that. AND to have installers FROM Indiana... as in they LIVE IN Indiana. I know this is a bias I can't entirely defend as rational, but I'm not perfect. It was important to me because then I could feel confident things would be done right and if they weren't, I could freely and without a bunch of social stress, have corrections made. I assumed the installer would be driving up from Indiana. I'm pretty sure I even said this twice as the estimate was written up in Indiana and I was not corrected. I didn't assume anything would go wrong, but I liked the idea that IF it did,at least it wouldn't be someone from the community here that I was dealing with. BOY DID I ASSUME THE WRONG THING--it was not a Hoosier they sent. It was a guy from fifteen minutes away who rattled off all kinds of social connections...started right off asking where we went to church, school, work, how much our TAXES were! Wow. Then guess what? Something went wrong...I wasn't happy with something in the floor appearance. Things were a little uncomfortable for a few minutes. It was corrected the next day. It shouldn't have happened in the first place and he very decently admitted that, but my point is I assumed I would not be dealing with my Aunt Polly's minister's cousin's neighbor's husband. Why did I even go down there?! I could have just picked out the materials here (the materials are the same!) and just have someone from here DO it!!! Had I known the installation was going to be by someone local, I'm not sure I'd have used Southwinds. It worked out, but it just added to my phobias about remodeling. I once had a guy from The Kitchen Shop working on my kitchen (badly) for a week whose pants were constantly sliding to the half-moon position. By the second day I realized he was the turd who used to bully me on the school bus when I was a kid. Then there's the guy who came to the house to do drywall who talked so much that his wife had programmed 15 minute alarms on his watch to remind him to get back to work. Heaven help me. So, no, I'm not fond of having workmen from nearby.