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Pretty shoty service

It started with a quick used care salesman approach, but doable. The initial rep did a great job speeding things up and finding a tenant, then it all went down hill. I indicated I needed help with the inspection process, they said they would as their site said so, I gave them a check for the city. Within another week, they found a tenant. I asked about inspection, they said it takes a couple of months. The tenant moved in. No keys were given to the tenant, I never received the move in video, and did not get an account manager. To start. All excuses were given to me. Then it was time for the inspection. They sent me the paperwork to fill out. I said this was all handled at the beginning. Not at all. I had to rush through it because they scheduled an inspection for the following week. Only 5 days from this contact. Tenants were never notified and RW let themselves in with the city without prior contact. Talk about a breach, right? RW blamed the city, the city confirmed my understanding saying it was RWs responsibility and they control the schedule. Not the city. The lies continued. They continued to make excuses. Then the report came and I asked for an itemized estimate. Got an email with a vague total. They did not even go to the house to view the issues. But the conditions make it sound like although it was a guestimate, I would still be responsible for the entire costs. Costs that I was already concerned about prior to the tenant selection process. BUT, was told, you should not have any issues. They rarely deny licenses and we'll work with you. Biggest mistake going to them. I have to scrutinize every single step as they are not capable of concise and organized management and communication.