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Edina, MN

Renters Warehouse

As a tenant, on a scale of 1-10, the experience was a 5.

A service like Renter's Warehouse can be beneficial because they provide the assurance that (legally) the right contracts are used. Plus, they provide tax statements at the end of the year, so there is no need to reach out to the owner to request it. Providing a buffer between the landlord and the tenant removes the stress of reporting service requests and the like. On the negative side, the service that RW provides appears to be solely in the best interest of the landlord, which is (in my opinion) contradictory, because without renters, there is no business. We are, essentially, the targeted customer providing the funds that are sought out through renting. In our experience the landlord left us with a FILTHY house, and when we asked to have it cleaned (someone else's filth, mind you), the landlord suggested that we foot the bill. The feeling I got from RW for concerns I had was flippant. As a service, RW could do a better job advocating for both sides of this relationship. Because - again - without people to rent these homes, RW and the homeowners are out of business. Lastly, the contract specifies that the only way to pay rent without a fee is to pay online, but you can't sign up online without calling in to create an account. This is extremely annoying; I would expect to be able to create an account online myself instead of finding a private room at work to make another phone call. We used the updater tool and it pointed us to the wrong servicer for two services, and our mail wasn't forwarded properly. It might be better to just go to the USPS website and fill the form out yourself.