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Renters Warehouse

Worst customer service I have ever experienced

Renters warehouse mtka has the worst customer service I have ever experienced
My rep told me they found a tenant with combined income of 5500 a month. And the fee was one months rent the rent was 1750 per month the security deposit was 1750 plus a 500 pet deposit
I believed my representative as Renters warehouse is supposed to be a premium service of professionals or this is what the ads
The tenant moved in and i got a ck from renters warehouse for 1375
I called my rep and left her a voicemaii she responded via email to contact our finance department i called them they said the extra money was because of an 18 month lease
My rep never told me this was an extra charge
As of January 1st my tenants said they had no money for rent he was only employed part time and she wasnt now or hadnt been employed for quite sometime
I called my rep again to find out where the combined income of 5500 was verified and she wouldnt respond via email or phone
I kicked the tenants out still trying to get the pee smell out as they must have had 20 animals in the house i then called renters warehouse 5 seperate times talked to different people i asked for a refund as no one told me about the extra fees for 18 month lease and
income was never verified I was told some one
Would call me back by someone named Mitch offering another tenant for no charge I stated i wanted a refund and had explained to the person who called prior to make notes I do not trust renters warehouse tenant selection process I wanted a refund Mitch said he would see what he could do and promised to have someone call me back
Today I was called by a man named Bill Bump
He asked me why I had called and how he could help i explained the situation from the beginning and asked him why Mitch hadnt explained this prior to his call and he flippantly said he had but he wanted to see if my story was the same he then told me he was in charge of the entire operation and there was no one else to talk to he was extremely condascending
and offered me another tenant at no charge
And told me It was my responsibility to screen the tenant and verify income
I then asked to speak to his boss and he flippantly said there is nobody above him and thats it
I am amazed this company is still in business I will never use Renters warehouse again and warn others of this deplorable customer service