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Los Angeles, CA

Let's Move It Right

Nothing wrong, but nothing great...

I was recommended by my mother and father who have used "Let's Move It Right" in the past. The price was a little higher than the competition but when considering the personal recommendation, I decided it would be OK to pay a bit more.

Good things:
Everything made it to my new place unbroken. Which is the key to any move, so Kudos.

Places for improvement:
Time of arrival: I asked for the move to start at 7:30am. They didn't arrive until 9:30am. I understand that there was a truck mix-up, but this cause a major issue on my end. I told my landlord that I would be out of the place by NOON and since I wasn't able to "tidy up" the apartment before they got there to inspect, I will now be forced to pay for a professional cleaning: $150. If I had had the proper time to clean myself, I would have not had to pay.

Wardrobe boxes:
Only 3 small wardrobe boxes were provided, not nearly enough for hanging clothes for 3 people. To remedy this, they provided extra boxes to "fold" the hanging clothes into. This worked fine with only a few clothes being adversely wrinkled.

Professional Movers:
Not sure why they told me that I would be getting professional movers. It was quite clear that at least one of them, maybe more were rookies. The foreman was great and obviously VERY good at what he did. Also there was another in the crew who was very helpful and very good.

Plastic Wrap removal:
It would be nice if they could remove all packing materials from all furniture. Getting that stuff off is hard, especially since my knife was INSIDE the plastic wrap.

Cost of materials:
An extra $160 for materials. This is just WAY to expensive. I could have gone across the street to Home Depot and bought what I was charged for for a fraction of the price. Come on... let's not rip off the customer and if you are going to do that, then please give us a price list in advance so when know.

Begged for a tip:
After all that happened, I was practically begged for a tip and when I offered a sum, I was told it wasn't enough. Come on now. If a customer is nice enough to offer a tip in the first place, you shouldn't beg for more. Just ridiculous.

Hopefully this helps you in the future.