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True Clean Carpet green steam system uses treated water that truly provides a better clean without using any shampoos and leaves no residue. Dry in 1-2 hours!


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Fenton, MO

True Clean Carpet

Overall this was a good experience. Very dissapointed in the drying time

Overall this was a good experience. My carpets are very worn and I was not expecting a miracle, they look much better. My appointment was at 8:00 AM and the technican arrived right on time. I didn't look at the clock when he finished but I would estimate he was there a couple of hours. It is now 5:50 PM and my carpets still have extremely wet spots over about 40-50 percent of the area. It's not just one room but each room has spots that are completely dry right next to an area that is very wet. The day is in the 70s with moderate humidity and I have had windows open and ceiling fans running all day. I don't know if there was a problem extracting the water/cleaning solution or what the problem is. I walked thru the living room barefoot and had so much moisture on my feet when I stepped onto the tile in the kitchen I slipped. If you're looking for someone that does a good job I would recommend them but don't buy into the hype about the drying time. My experience was very different


We very much appreciate this critical review and believe it to be very accurate of what occurred today. When this job was completed the technician reported to the home office that the calibration readings on the system indicated that there could be a problem with the suction of the system and he was concerned that the dry times might not be good. An adjustment was made and he did another small job with the same result. At that point that van was taken out of service and replaced with another. Later in the day upon inspection at the warehouse it is believed the cause was identified and has been corrected.

We talked to the customer upon reading this review and explained the situation and that we are willing to provide a remedy for any inconvenience from this service. The results,they experienced today are not the ones they have experienced in the past and hopefully not what they will experience in the future.

Our technician should have informed this customer of his dry time concerns and instructed the customer to shut the windows and use air conditioning which improves dry times greatly.

True Clean Carpet commented on 05/22/2015