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At Bridwell Automotive Center we are very proud of our reputation as one of the best automotive repair shops in Scottsdale or Phoenix.


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Bridwell Automotive Center

Seemed excessive for a 90,000 mile checkup.

I needed my 90,000 mile tune up and I asked Bridwell Automotive Center for my serpentine belt to be replace and my transmission to be adjusted because it would jump around. It ended up to be $4000, but I really don't see a difference. It drives just as bad as it always did. The transmission still slips, so I ended up taking that to someone else. Also, for some reason the gentleman did not want to fix the air conditioner, so I took it some place else for that too.

The work at Bridwell Automotive Center took 3 days to complete, so I had to pay for a rental vehicle for 3 days. It all seemed a bit excessive for 90,000 mile checkup. I know the serpentine belt probably was expensive and what not. I was also told when I went somewhere else that the last time I got my oil changed they didn't do the transmission fluid, though they might have just wanted to get more money out of me, so I didn't blame Bridwell for that.


Dinah, this is Lane Bridwell. I am sorry you were not totally satisfied with your work. can you please call me and i will see if there is anything that we can do to make you totally happy.My cell # is 480-239-4158

Bridwell Automotive Center commented on 10/03/2011