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Pelham, AL

Motivated Movers

Excellent and professional movers, office needs a lot of help!

On this particular move, I have to rate Motivated Movers low. I've used them about 5 times before, and every one of those experiences was the smoothest operation I've ever seen! I had no hesitation in using them again and again! Their movers are so hard-working, and their guys and gals don't walk between loads, they run! Brian's movers add a great value to his company. All of the movers, guys and gals, have been great! He hires really strong, hard-working and friendly movers. On one of my previous moves, Brian sent out about 10 people and they were so professional and respectful, they took the utmost care in packaging and moving my things to a new house, and even took their shoes off at the new house! Amazing service!

So of course, I thought this would be a good experience too. I called the office and tried to get Brian on the phone, but a lady, I think they later told me it was his sister-in-law, wouldn't let me talk to Brian. She told me he'd be out for a week. I figured that would be okay, and I'd had great experiences with his company before, so it should be fine. So I told the lady what I wanted to have done. I wanted them to come out and give a free estimate for the move, like they'd done the times before. She told me they didn't do that anymore. I said, but that is what your truck says in big letters! After a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided to just go forward, based on my good experiences before. I should have known better!

From that first phone call, it was a bad experience. She sent out 2 guys and a driver. Of course, they were polite and professional and worked hard and fast. They should get a 5 star rating on everything! I asked the driver if they still did free estimates, and he told me yes, they still do that everyday! This bad experience all goes back to that lady in the office! It turned out that the guys didn't have enough boxes, wrapping or people for the move. Even though the guys were good at what they could do and very professional, they couldn't get it all done in one day. The guys were very polite and hard-working! Maybe if they could have come out before the move, to give me the free estimate, they could have planned better and the move could have gone smoothly like the others had. They came back the next day, they didn't charge me for sending the truck back a second day, and they gave me a discount on a couple of hours. If the woman in the office would have just listened to me, and the driver for that matter, I'm sure this move would have been like all the others I've had with them. I got the impression she ended up just blowing me off. I tried calling for Brian, and she'd never put me through to him.

I will definitely use Motivated Movers again, because I've had such great luck with them before, however, I will only talk to Brian when I'm planning. Brian is a very nice guy, and he's running a really great organization there for the most part. I would recommend them to anybody, but I would warn them to ONLY ONLY ONLY talk to Brian and nobody else there!