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Our Lancaster, PA showroom has all of the latest car and home audio/video gear on display for you to experience for yourself.


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Lancaster , PA

WeeBee Audio Video

Exceptional Customer Service with fun Team oriented atmosphere

I have been a customer with WeeBee since getting my first car at 16. As opposed to going to a big chain store, I have always enjoyed my trips in. The customer service is always top notch with a true knowledge of every part of their business. My last troption in, I was helped by the triple threat team of Kevin, Shane and Scott. The three of them were able to work in sync with each other to a point that it feels as though you are working with one person. That is, if that one person is able to joke around with them self, lol. Kevin had the functional knowledge of the business knowing where my parts were coming from, when they would arrive and the best way for all parts to function together best. Shane had the customer service walking me through all of my options and again what the benefits were and how to get the best, solid sound per dollar. Scott had a team work mindset that seemed to really glue the triple threat together, having the functional to back Kevin and Shane, the knowledge of the business to get me checked out in a great time and brought a fun attitude into my experience by joking with all of us and making me feel like family. Overall, the best experience, best dollar and best family around. Thank you, WeeBee!


Jay, sounds like they paid you to say that!! LOL, no really though I am thrilled to read what you wrote for many reasons. Most of all I'm glad we have done our job well that after all these years you still come to WeeBee for your A/V equipment. Thanks again for the kind words and all of the business over the years. I really mean that!!!

Kerry Schanz
WeeBee Audio-Video

WeeBee Audio Video commented on 07/05/2016