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Our Lancaster, PA showroom has all of the latest car and home audio/video gear on display for you to experience for yourself.


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WeeBee Audio Video

Good installers & products but major lack of professionalism

While I will give credit to Weebee for doing good installations on both my home and my car, I would rate them extremely poor overall when it comes to sales professionalism. In dealing with Shane (for car audio) and Tom (for home theatre), they often talk down to people and are very sarcastic with clients. They offer little willingness to negotiate until they realize that you are taking your business to another company and were being honet and upfront about costs being out of line with market. They do not make people feel like their business is valued and although the offer quality brands and products, and do a great job on installations, the treatment during the sales/service process is so poor, that its not worth doing business with them.


Andre, I'm happy to hear you think we do good installations. I also am happy to hear you think we have quality products so at this point we are good 2 out of 3. I'm am taken back by your statement of "poor" in sales and professionalism. I guess part of the good news is Tom is no longer with us. I must NOT agree with your comment about negotiate, we will match or beat any local price on a like product. We are often the price leader meaning having the lowest so others are always trying to match us. But we are a business and have to make money to pay our people. I'm sure sure who did what to you because you didn't say nor would you talk to me when I reached out to you to get more info. So I guess 1 out of 200+ customers who won't really say why they are upset isn't bad. If it was because you wanted it cheaper and we couldn't do that sorry as I said we have to charge something...

Kerry Schanz
WeeBee Audio-Video

WeeBee Audio Video commented on 04/28/2015