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Our Lancaster, PA showroom has all of the latest car and home audio/video gear on display for you to experience for yourself.


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WeeBee Audio Video

Weebee's been around so long for a reason!

as a small business owner myself, I try to make a point to stay away from the big name, chain mega stores as much as possible. that being said, i had just purchased an old truck and was on my way to Best Buy to schedule an appt to have my truck stereo system updated. i happened to pass Weebee on my drive in and i remembered how well they had treated me a few years back when i had bought a big screen tv there. my brother also had Weebee install his home theater and they had done an incredible job. so i stopped in and the initial idea i had for my truck was to install an all-in-one touchscreen head unit with Sirius radio, nav, DVD etc. unfortunately there was no such unit which would work for my specific vehicle. this is probably where the story would have ended at any of the big name, chain stores. but with the creative thinking of Fabian Purini and the rest of the staff at Weebee, a combination of a few well placed units were installed which covered every desire i had asked for. the installation team did an awesome job of hardwiring all the screens in my old truck making the finished product look as if it had come straight from the manufacturer. no appointment was needed and all the work was done while i waited in Weebee's home theater room and watched a movie. afterwards, the new products and warrenties were all explained thoroughly to me by Fabian which i appriciated considering at this point in the story at any of the chain stores, id most likely be dealing with ten different employees by now. i apologize for the lengthy review but like i said, as a small business owner myself i know first hand exactly how difficult its becoming to run an independent shop these days with all the mega stores closing in on us, able to out-advertise and undercut most prices we are able to offer. but i really believe the few small businesses left today are here for one obvious reason. that reason being the way they are able to treat their customers can never be duplicated by any of the chain stores out there. Weebee is a long standing, excellent representation of that truth. i wish Weebee many more years of making the mega stores look bad.


Luke, my man what do I owe you for this OUTSTANDING write up. I could not have written a better one myself. I will grade my guys 100% on this one! I also will be sure to pass it along. Thank you for the repeated business and pass along to your brother "thanks" too. No better way to get business than a referral from a customer!

Kerry Schanz
WeeBee Audio-Video

WeeBee Audio Video commented on 04/07/2015