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Our Lancaster, PA showroom has all of the latest car and home audio/video gear on display for you to experience for yourself.


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Lancaster, PA

WeeBee Audio Video

Auto Starter sale / installation

Kevin was a great salesperson to deal with - after the install he explained everything in detail.
Loving the new accessory on these bitter cold mornings!!


Sam, first off thank you very much for telling others and us how you feel about your purchase and Kevin. We love to hear good news and who doesn't. I sure get how you can love that remote start for sure, I'm the guy at my house and my truck sits out too! I put them in every car/truck I get keep in mind they are also great for those super HOT summer days too! Thanks again for the business and the kind words "we all" really appreciate them. I will pass them along to Kevin.
Kerry Schanz
WeeBee Audio-Video

WeeBee Audio Video commented on 03/06/2015