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I've been coming to Tire Pros for the last 5 years with no problems until the last six months. A great service manager retired in December 2009 and if I had a problem he would be on top of it untiled it was resolved. I went in March 2010 to have brake work done and new rotors and pads were installed on both axles. About three weeks after they were installed the front axle was smoking and I could not keep my truck on the road. I brought it back into Tire Pros and the diagnoses were front brake calipers. I questioned the service manager about why the calipers weren't changed a month ago when first when they were needed to be changed and I had the funds to have them installed. I was told they weren't needed to be changed. I have been told it will be obvious if they were needed to be changed. The first appointment. Cost $400 and $350 second appointment. I discussed my opinion with Jim M and I left his store upset. I told Jim my wife will need four tires for her vehicle and I'm buying elsewhere. Jim called me the next day to see if I would change my mind and he wants to keep me as a customer. He offered to put four Goodyear tires on my wife’s auto $240.00 and I told him that I would think about the offer. Two weeks later I decided to give Jim a second chance so I called his cell phone to make an appointment. Last Wednesday I made an appointment to have the tires mounted. I was told they would be Goodyear p2257516 size. The wrong size tire. Well, the tire size on the car is p2257517. Strike one. Then, Jim said he had 4 tires (good year, correct size) in the warehouse. Good year Integrity. My wife’s vehicle is an SUV and the Integrity Good Year fits an automobile/van. Wrong tire again. Strike two. If I didn't do research my wife’s auto would have the wrong type of tire. I expressed my concern once again. It's not about the money because I spent around $9,000 over the last 4 years in Jim's store. This could have been disastrous (accident) if I allowed these tires mounted. I went elsewhere to have the correct tires mounted and I can sleep well at night knowing my wife’s auto is safe.


Jim T.,
I read your recent review, and was certainly disturbed by it. One of the reasons I reached out to you personally last week, even though I was out of town at a board meeting, was satisfying my customers is a very high priority. After you and I talked on the phone(from my business meeting in Pennsylvania), I thought we had a clear idea of how we could "extend an olive branch" on a set of Goodyear tires which were to be sold at cost and installed free($240) for your wife's Nitro. Once you came in with a larger (optional) size we realized we had to install the correct size and load index, I offered another Goodyear substitute which is OEM on lexus and toyota suv's, The Integrity at the SAME PRICE. On several ocassions I have spoke with you, and you seemed to be a very intelligent, well spoken individual, but several of my sales personel have mentioned to me that you have had proffanity laced tyrades with them and been threatning. I could not believe that because I thaught we had a very amicable discussion on the phone and that I would look in to other options and call you back in the morning. We'll in the morning, upon exiting my board meeting, I had a very derogatory message from you on my voice mail, rather suprised by your comments, I felt it was best not to respond to your "FURY", until after you hace calmed down. I them recieved your review, and I publish them ALL, no fakes, here. I have been in business for over 36 years, and do have the highest AAA satisfaction rate in Rhode Island because I truly care about how we treat our customers. Sorry we couldn't "help you out" on the tires. Jim Melvin Jr, Owner, Tire Pros of RI,Inc.

Tire Pros commented on 05/25/2010