Lark-Avenue Classic Car Wash

Business Description:

Full car wash


auto detailing services


1 Stars

Los Gatos, CA


do not go to this car wash OR ANY OF THE OTHER 3 THIS GUY OWNS!

i have not been to this car wash for almost 2 years. First it was $12.99 , then it went to $18.99 and I turned around and left without having the car washed. Now I just called them and it's $29.99. These are all for interior and exterior washes. Also, they have a... Read More

2 Stars

Los Gatos, CA


Do not recommend

When they used the power wash wand on my truck the guy tore the geck out of my pinstripes. The truck did not get washed well i had to clean up large missed spots of road grime from both sides of the truck and tailgate (poor job) looked like a 5 year old washed my truck Read More

1 Stars

Campbell , CA



If I could give zero stares I would. The Lark location has had nothing but downfall this past year. Today, my brother went to the location to get his truck washed, they wouldn't vacuum his truck because it was a truck, then go to call him fat and used the term... Read More

4 Stars

Santa Cruz, CA


Good, takes a while

Since they do a full cleaning of your car, the Lark Ave. car wash can take a while. That's okay, because there are several shops inside the building, and when you get your car back it is so clean and nice you'll be glad you spent the time. The hours are reasonable,... Read More