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Positive Pest Management is a full service Pest Control/Extermination Company serving NYC, southern Westchester Co. and Nassau Co.


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Positive Pest Management

Finally Secure In My Home!

Whilst dressing for school, my little cousin saw a mouse run into the bathroom and we both shrieked in horror with frozen bodies; rodents are not our thing!

I slammed the door shut and sealed the bottom off with the heaviest nearby object I could get my hands on and immediately called my building Management to request an Exterminator or help of any sort.

They unfortunately, told me that it would be impossible to get their "guy" to come before Monday as it was Friday evening and said "guy" lived miles away. I couldn't believe my ears at their inefficiency and googled for my own solution.

I discovered many pest control companies and after perusing all their sites and reviews, I decided to go with Positive Pest Control as my expert company after speaking to their Operator, -a knowledgeable and patient (with my umpteen questions) woman who gave me a quote and walked me through the process of the services I would receiving from the company.

When the associate arrived, he introduced himself as Larry, asked me about the situation, and immediately got to work. He first took a look in the 'danger zone' (mouse in bathroom) but to his prediction, the mouse had long gone in a tiny hole around my toliet pipe that I was shocked to learn they could crawl through. 

Larry then scanned my Apt for any potential entry holes whilst educating me on the process and products he would be using to secure my Apt should be find any signs of infestation. He'd even told me that if the mouse came out during the day, it was already sign that it isnt the first and he was absolutely right because he'd discovered some droppings behind my stove and fridge!

I was so petrified and disgusted by the idea of rodents creeping around my Apt when I am asleep or out for the day but watching Larry close the holes, advise me on how to prevent future visitors (although I keep an obsessively clean home), and him helping me go through any bags I thought the rodent couldve  potentially made a home out of, really put me at ease because there was no way I would sleep in my Apt that night without being 100% sure it was fine to!

I am grateful to have found Positive Pest Control, the team are dedicated Professionals with such patience!  




Dear Ms. Faye Montclair,
Thank you for the raving review! I just wanted to make one correction in informing you that our company name is Positive Pest Management. As there is a different company with the name you used. We are happy to have solved your rodent issue!

Positive Pest Management commented on 01/10/2016