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Positive Pest Management is a full service Pest Control/Extermination Company serving NYC and Long Island.


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Wilmington, DE

Positive Pest Management

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I have recently started to experience some sort of infestation in my apartment. There is something biting, itching and creating a crawling sensation on myself and family throughout the day. This started only one week ago and somehow has managed to completely reek havoc on my home and loved ones. After spending hours on the phone and internet I was still at a loss as to what the heck had invaded my home, I did however have ideas. I digress...
Today I came across a referal website; providing me with an 800 number where I was able to explain my woes and the company. They took my number and an hour later Benett called from Positive Pest Management. I explained my troubles to him as I have a four month old in my home I am very troubled. Benett was understanding and ready to help. It was then he found I lived in Delaware. Although my location prevented him from making any kind of profit, he was still on the phone pointing me in the right direction. After 15mins of conversation I had the states website and information that would prevent me from being taking advantage of.
There really is no way for me to express my gratitude as I am with out help, confused and trying to raise a happy baby. I am now one more step to solving my dilemia. As I manage a sales team of professionals myslef, I really cannot believe I recieved as much useful information out of kindness.
I will share the story of the person respondsible for ending my crisis with all (my company will have a few lessons to learn after my experience.