Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

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We offer peace of mind by not only treating current termite infestation but by proactively treating your home, apartment building or business.


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Ventura County, CA

Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

I would have them come out anytime!

We had termites in our house. We had to take care of them before we could paint. We'd heard about Pacific Coast Termite on TV, their ad says everything you'd want to know. It's a beautiful ad too! They use Orange, instead of putting your house in a tent. You know you have to take everything edible out of your house when it's tented. You have to empty out the pantry, the refrigerator and even the freezer! You can't leave anything out! We have a big house and that would've been such an inconvenience for us! I called Pacific Coast and they told me they could send someone out right away, the very next day.

Pacific Coast Termite sent out two young men, Brian and Jose, and they were great! They told me they'd be here at 8am and they were punctual. They were very nice and very professional young men. They worked hard and did a thorough job. They were here from 8am-12:30pm constantly working. These men were extremely polite and kind. Sure they joked around a little, but they were competent and completely professional. I'd be happy to have them come out to my home anytime.

Pacific Coast Termite guarantees their work for three years, and if I have any trouble at all, I feel completely comfortable in calling them and having them come back out. This is a really great company! I'm so happy I found them!

Cherie Thrower