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We offer peace of mind by not only treating current termite infestation but by proactively treating your home, apartment building or business.


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San Jose, CA

Pacific Coast Termite Inc.

Great product and outstanding service

We called Pacific Coast Termite to have an inspection done. They scheduled an inspection appointment for two days later. Robert S, their termite inspector came out and performed the inspection. Under the house, the attic, the eaves, anywhere he could find. He spent roughly 3 hours to make sure every area was thoroughly checked. He located two "hot spots" where main sill beams needed partial replacement and some other areas of concern. He provided us a full written report with 24 hours with a detailed drawing of every location that needed attention, and the type of termite causing the damages. We hired them and the appointment was scheduled within a week. Mark G. and John arrived on time and began discussing the work with us in detail. The answered any questions we had and began work promptly. They basically spent the entire day performing a very thorough application of orange oil in the "hot spots" and the boric acid/salt product that gets spray foamed on any exposed wood surfaces under the house and in the attic. This soaks into the wood and if termites try to return and begin munching on the wood, it kills them instantly. From what I understand, this product stays in the wood, basically forever.

Robert S. explained the differences between their 2 year warranty and what is covered, which includes other types of pests like wood boring beetles and such as well as both types of termites. Others cover you for just the type of termite that was originally treated for, like dry wood termites and if you get subterranean termites within the warranty period, they ARE NOT COVERED. So, buyer beware about warranty plans. They are not all alike.

Overall, the service was totally professional from everyone involved. Being on time and courteous is very important to me and how I run my business. I don't expect anything less from anyone I contract with. I have no reservations about recommending this company to perform any of this type work.

Thanks Pacific Coast for your outstanding service and quality work!

Mike P